92 Daze of Summer Day 32: Hard Breakers


Hard Breakers
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92 Daze of Summer Band #32: Hard Breakers

Day 32 brings us to Hard Breakers. While we are already talking about Brazil let’s head to Caxias do Sul. I’ve got another fun Brazilian rock group for you to discover. 

This band, is a bit harder than the last and oooooh so good. Fun, rowdy, and just a great band to rock out to. Gritty vocals, tight riffs and upbeat tempos. There’s a raw element to their sound that let’s the listener just break loose and relax. I can completely see this band as one that brings the party to any live show. Looking for some great rock to add to your collection? Go listen to this band!

Hard Breakers Are:
Arthur Appel – Vocals and Guitars
Aaron Alves – Guitars and backing vocals
George Knopp – Bass and backing vocals
Elvis Alves – Drums and backing vocals








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