92 Daze of Summer Day 34: Evilon



92 Daze of Summer Band #34: Evilon

Day 34 brings us to Evilon. Hailing from Arvika, Sweden is this Melodic Folk – Death Metal band that brings us back into one of our favorite genres that we cover quite often. The addition of this band should be no surprise to the majority of our readers, we tend to never skip any opportunities to talk about Swedish metal bands!

These guys are great. A blend of folk smothered with growling vocals, intense riffage, manic drum tempos and all the things that make your inner viking want to come out and rage! Evilon formed in 2015, and despite how often I am checking out the scene, completely escaped our site until now. Metal tragedy averted, plenty of immersion time into their music has happened and I can say this is a band I plan to keep revisiting. Now go forth and raise your fists high for Odin and meet Evilon!!

Evilon are:
Joel Sundell – Vocals (growl)
Björn Wildjärn – Bass/clean vocals
Anders Hagen – Drums
Kenneth Evstrand – Guitar
Jonny Sjödin – Guitar:






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