92 Daze of Summer Day 43: Dust In Mind


Dust In Mind

92 Daze of Summer Band #43: Dust In Mind

Day 43 brings us to Dust In Mind. Founded in 2013 this metal band with grooving melodies and heavy riffs hails from Strasbourg, France. 

Dust In Mind has 4 studio albums under their belts with the most recent being From Ashes to Flames that released in 2018. It’s larger than life, booming grooves that will make you want to move and haunting vocals that will pull you in then spit you out with intense riffs that are blended with distortion, trance, and shifting tempos. They’ve got a great sound and if you don’t already know them, you need to. So go discover them!

Dust In Mind are:
Alex Meister – Guitar/ vocals
Claudio Marçal – Lead Vocals
Mark Santanna – Bass
Adriano Morais – Drums/ Vocals





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