Daze of Summer Band: The Generations Army


The Generations Army
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Daze of Summer Band #47: The Generations Army

Day 47 brings us to The Generations Army. This one is really simple for us to support. If you love Thrash that’s genuine, with the old school feel, you will really enjoy this band.

Unknown to myself I met one of these guys a few years back against the barrier at a Slayer show at Sweden rock. His energy was so magnetic that I had to snap a photo of him headbanging during their show. Fast forward to 2019…. this same kid, now an adult, was also performing at the same festival with his band, The Generations Army.

This year they performed as part of the New Music in Sweden program also known as NEMIS and I had to be there to watch this show. This band blew me away, it makes me feel reassured as bands like Slayer are retiring, the genre is in good hands with new bands like this coming up in the ranks. If you want to sink your teeth into something new that feels old, you need this band in your life! Go destroy yourselves listening to them!

The Generations Army are:
Elvin Landaeus Csizmadia (Rythm Guitar, Lead Vocals)
Ragnar Östberg (Lead Guitar, Background Vocals)
Erland Östberg (Bass, Background Vocals)
Calle Frogner Moberg (Drums)





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