Slipknot Brings The Knotfest Roadshow To Day One Of Pain In The Grass!

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On July 30, the mighty Slipknot came through on the Knotfest Roadshow. The Knotfest Roadshow teamed up with local radio station 99.9 KISW for the annual festival, Pain In The Grass. The first day of the three day extravaganza was quite a wild one! The show featured some of the biggest and heaviest bands in the music today. Doors for the show opened at 3:00 Pm with the first band on at 4:30.

First up for the day was Seattle locals Witch Ripper. As soon as the band walked out on stage, a loud power chord from guitarist Curtis Parker hit the venue like a shock wave. The crowd lost it and threw up their horns as the band began to play. The overall sound of the band was very similar to Mastodon, and Gojira. As the set continued the songs got heavier and heavier and the fans loved every second of it. At the end of the set the crowd gave them a huge ovation as the band thanked the crowd for showing up early. Witch Ripper is a band that you need to check out live whenever they play a show near you.

Next up was Behemoth. The black metal juggernauts had quite an elaborate stage set up. The band had a giant backdrop of North America with many upside down crosses on it, and numerous other stage props. When the stage hand brought out Nergals (vocalist) microphone stand, the audience erupted in cheer. The bands set started off with their song “Wolves Of Siberia”. As soon as the song began, the first of many mosh pits of the day started up. At the end of the song, fog machines shot out filled the stage with an upside down cross pattern covering the band. While the fog settled, the introduction of the song “Daimonos” played over the speakers. When the song kicked in the intensity of the set kicked up a notch as the blistering speed from the musicians pummeled the crowd.

Throughout the set, the band used pyrotechnics, and different costume elements to entice the growing crowd. The bands set ended with their hit song “Chant For Eschaton 2000“. Behemoth puts on one hell of a show. Their performance is not just a show, it is an experience. Whenever these guys announce a show near you, make sure to be there.

Following that performance was Gojira. The band came out to a rowdy crowd who was ready to hear one of the heaviest bands in the industry today. The set started off with the song “Oroborus” off of the album ‘The Way Of All Flesh’. Within no time the crowd audience began to head bang and throw up their horns. Following that song they went into playing “Backbone” off of the album ‘From Mars To Sirius“. During the chorus of the song, vocalist Joe Duplantier would crouch down low as fog shot out of a canon towards the crowd.

One of the many highlights of the set was when the band played their hit song “Flying Whales“. During the song a fan pulled out a stuffed whale and began throwing it around the mosh pit. Fans all over found it hilarious and it added just a bit of extra character to their set. Their performance came to a close with their song “Vacuity“. Gojira puts on one of the most devastating performances I have ever seen. Each song is monstrous and unlike anything I have ever heard. Make sure to check this band out! You will not be disappointed.

The next band on the bill Volbeat. The band came out to a now full venue and the crowd was ready to tear it up! As soon as the band hit the stage, the audience immediately started pushing towards the stage. Vocalist Michael Poulsen introduced the band top the crowd, then quickly began playing “The Devil’s Bleeding Crown“. Following that song was “Lola Montez“. Throughout the song, the band members would walk around the stage and play all over to interact with all of the fans. When the song came to an end, Poulsen talked to the crowd and complimented a fan in the front row for singing along.

During the set, the band performed their song “Pelvis On Fire” live for the first time! When the crowd heard it was the debut of a song they went crazy and cheered as loud as they could. As the set went on, the band kept asking the audience to crowd surf and make giant circle pits. The audience was more than happy to comply. Their set came to a close with the song “Still Counting“. Volbeat puts on a great show for any fan of rock and heavy metal. Their old school style will make you want to throw up the horns and head band like you never have. Check them out!

Finally, the moment the crowd had been waiting for. Slipknot!!!!! While the road crew was getting the stage set up for the performance, the audience was buzzing about the performance to come. About 15 minutes before the set started a giant curtain was put up in front of the stage with the bands name right on the front. While the crowd waited, they started chanting out numerous things that were related to the band. Some of the chants were, “We are not your kind!” and “If you’re 555 than I’m 666”.

When the lights went out, a deafening wave of screams came from the audience. The introduction song off the bands album ‘Iowa‘ played over the speakers. As soon as the song ended the curtain dropped, there was the band performing their hit song “People = Shit“. The stage setup was unlike anything else and the audience loved it! Crowd surfers were coming up and over the security barrier by the handful! The audience was ready top tear the place apart. After that song was finished the band quickly went into playing their classic song “(Sic)” off of their self titled album. Keeping with the same album, the band then played “Get This“. That song was a surprise for many old school fans.

Throughout the set, the band delved deep into their discography, pulling out a few songs they haven’t played in some time. When the band came back for their encore, they played fan favorite “Spit It Out“. During the middle of the song, vocalist Corey Taylor told the crowd to get down to the ground and jump when he tells them to. When he screamed out to jump the floor looked like waves on an ocean. The bands set ended with their song “Surfacing“. As the band thanked the crowd and walked off the stage, their song “Til’ We Die” played over the speakers.

Slipknot puts on one of the most energetic live shows you will ever see. The stage antics of the band members, the jumpsuits and masks, and overall chaotic nature of the show is what makes Slipknot one of a kind. When these guys announce a show near you, make sure to be there. You will not want to miss their show.

The Knotfest Roadshow continues until September 8. You can purchase you tickets

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