Goatwhore Plays The Crocodile In Seattle


On August 20, Seattle was treated to the one and only Goatwhore! The band made an August tour around their performance at the annual Psycho Las Vegas festival. Alongside them on the tour were hardcore heavyweights Ringworm. Doors for the show at a little after 7:00 PM. As soon as the doors opened, fans rushed to the merchandise tables to grab whatever they could before claiming their spots.

First up for the evening was Seattle locals Locistellar. The band had a bit of a buzz going on about them before they came on. When the set began the audience filled up the floor quick. When the band began to play vocalist Lance Neatherlin welcomed the crowd and introduced the band. As they played through their first song, the crowd began to head bang and throw up their horns. Throughout their set the band played relentlessly with heavier and heavier songs one after another.

During one of the songs at the end of their set, they announced their was supposed to be another vocalist on the song. The vocalist that was supposed to be on the track was the late Warrel Dane. The audience cheered as the band dedicated the song to him. During their last song, Neatherlin announced that the show was the bands first and that they hoped the crowd enjoyed it. When their set was finished they were given a round of applause and a solid ovation from the crowd. Locistellar is a band to keep your eye on in the metal world.

Next up were hardcore punk legends Ringworm from Cleveland, Ohio. The band came in full force as soon as they hit the stage. The bands set started off with their song ‘The Sickness‘ off their album “Birth Is Pain“. After the song was finished, vocalist James “Human Furnace” Bulloch welcomed the crowd to the show. As soon as his introduction was finished the band ripped right into playing ‘Birth Is Pain‘. While the song played the crowd matched the intensity of the band and the tone for the evening was set.

Throughout the set, the artists talked about the history of their band. While the crowd cheered during the speech Bulloch thanked everyone for the support and continued the show. Their set came to a close with their hit song ‘Justice Replaced By Revenge‘. Ringworm has been one of the most influential hardcore punk bands for the last 30 years. These guys are still killing it on record and live. Make sure to check them out whenever they play a show near you.

Finally, the moment the crowd had been waiting for. Goatwhore!! The stage was set with scrims with different satanic imagery. As soon as the lights went out, a loud track with backwards speaking came over the speakers of the venue. When the band walked out, they threw up their horns and turned their backs to the crowd until they started their song. The band came out in a fury and set the high intensity of their set from the get go. Vocalist Ben Falgoust began getting in the face of the crowd and singing right to them.

When the song was finished, the band quickly went into their next one without skipping a beat and continued their relentless set. Throughout the set, guitarist Sammy Duet would leave the audience spellbound by his guitar solos and technical skill. Falgoust would at times walk over and air guitar next to him while headbanging. The crowd loved every second of it. The band played songs that covered most of their discography including many songs off their latest record “Vengeful Ascension“. Their set came to a close with their hit song ‘Apocalyptic Havoc‘. One of the many highlights of seeing Goatwhore live is watching the crowd react and sing along to that song and shout out “Who needs a God When you have Satan!”.

Goatwhore is a one of a kind band and puts on one hell of a show. The band has consistently put out fantastic albums since their inception and their live shows are great as well. If you haven’t had a chance to see this band live yet, I highly suggest you do. Their energy and musicianship will blow you away.

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