Disturbed And In This Moment Rock Day Two Of Pain In The Grass!

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Day two of this years Pain In The Grass was fantastic! The weather was spot on, the people were excited and the bands were ready to put on an awesome show! The lineup for day two was Superfekta, New Years Day, Basement, The Fever 333, In This Moment, and Disturbed. With a line up like that you can see why the fans were excited!  

Fans were eager to enter the venue as they started to line up two hours priors to doors opening. You could hear them reminisce about the last time they saw their favorite band. Once the doors opened, fans headed straight for the cocktail gardens and beer stations to fight off the heat. Others headed towards the water refill and cooling stations.

Music started with Seattle’s own Superfekta at 3:30 PM, whom just a couple days before was on local news station King 5 for their new song ‘Escape‘. Superfekta worked on warming up the crowd for the headliner and the crowd loved it! The band did an incredible job at working the audience and owning the stage. Make sure to check this band out live! 

Next up was New Years Day from Anaheim, California. Throughout the set, the band had played many songs off of their newest album “Unbreakable”, which was released April of 2019. During the set, the crowd had started to get a bit larger throughout the set. Fans started packing into the pit as each song passed. When the set was over the crowd was pumped up for the rest of the bands to come. Make sure to check out New Years Day next time they play a city near you! 

Following that performance was Basement from England. The band came out to a crowd that was ready for more to throw down to their rock and roll vibe. As the band started their set, audience members started to move around a bit. The sound of the band reminded many audience members of 90’s era alternative rock. When the band exited the stage the audience gave them a loud ovation as the band thanked the crowd for coming out. Basement puts on quite a show for any fan of music.

The next band up was The Fever 333. The band had taken to the stage with immense energy. Their energy consisted of running, jumping, hopping off stage and joining the crowd. The vocalist, Jason Aalon Butler hopped off stage and joined the crowd. One of the stagehands strategically fed Butler’s wired mic as he ran through the crowd to the sound booth. The rest of the band had stayed on stage, dancing, jumping and running around. The drummer Aric Improta stood up on his drums while he continued to play.

As Butler ran through the crowd, he was met by excited fans. He shook hands with many of them as he continued to spread his message through music. The crowd really started to get amped up at this point. The energy from The Fever 333 really was a surprise to many in attendance. Check these guys out live when they announce a show near you. You will not be dissapointed!

After that performance was In This Moment. When the music that was playing over the speakers stopped, the crowd erupted in cheer. As the curtains started to rise, the crowd started to cheer even more as the band became visible onstage. The music got louder, the fog rolled in, the veil that was on vocalist Maria Brink’s head began to lift off. As her face was unveiled, the crowd’s cheers grew even louder.  

As the set went on, the audience became more and more enamored by the band. Their stage presence was phenomenal, and their energy was off the charts. The crowd was engaged throughout the entire performance and the band took command of the stage and owned it! In This Moment puts on one of the most incredible shows I have ever personally seen. From their stage theatrics, down to their performance as artists, this band has it all. Go check these guys out next time they announce a tour! They will blow you away.   

Finally, the moment arrived for Disturbed to take the stage!!! After a brief intermission, the show was about to start. When the curtain dropped and the band was finally seen, the crowd lost their minds! Their presence was massive as vocalist David Draiman screamed out the words to their song ‘Are You Ready‘. Following that song the band went into their classic hit ‘Prayer‘ off of their album “Believe“. The crowd was going insane! The fans in the crowd were singing along while the fans on the floor opened up a mosh pit and were jumping around.

During the middle of the set, the band decided to have a heart to heart talk with the crowd. Draiman discussed the addiction crisis currently going on in the world as well as the stigma of depression. Many audience members became emotional due to the talk. It was clear that Draiman and the band were coming from a place of care and love. Too many it was just what they needed to hear as the audience cheered and applauded the band for discussing such a hard topic.

As the set continued it seemed as if the band couldn’t get any better but they proved everyone wrong. The setlist they had put together was one for the record books as they played hit after hit. One of the many highlights of the evening was when the band played their cover of ‘The Sound Of Silence‘ by Simon And Garfunkel. While the band played the song, the venue was deafening as both the band and the crowd were singing with each other.

When the band came back out on stage for an encore they played three songs to tide the crowd over until next time. Their set came to a close with their smash hit ‘Down With The Sickness‘. As the band waved goodbye to the crowd and thanked them, the audience cheered and threw up their horns. Disturbed puts on an amazing show for any fan of rock and metal. Make sure to check them out on their next tour!

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