Blink 182 And Lil Wayne Share The Stage At The White River Amphitheater

Blink 182
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On August 31, Blink 182 and Lil Wayne came through Auburn, Washington on their co-headlining tour. The tour package seemed a bit mixed for many of the die hard fans of both artists. Nevertheless both fan bases were excited to see the tour performance and were ready to have a good time. Many of the fans in attendance were talking about how the show was a throwback to their teenage and early adult years. This made for an incredible atmosphere as the crowd reminisced about old times while laughing and talking among each other. Doors for the show opened at 6:30 PM with the show starting at 7:20.

First up for the evening was Neck Deep. The Welsh pop punk band came out to a crowd that was ready to get rowdy. As soon as their set began, the fans began to move around. The bands half hour set kicked off with their song ‘Motion Sickness‘ off of their album “The Peace And The Panic“. After that song was finished the group went straight into playing ‘Gold Steps‘. When the band finished up that song, vocalist Ben Barlow introduced the band to the crowd and welcomed them to the show. After the introduction the band went into their third song ‘She’s A God‘.

Throughout the set, Barlow would discuss how crazy it was for the band to be on tour with Blink 182 and Lil Wayne. He also mentioned several times how Blink 182 was one of the main bands that got him into music. Just before the final song, the band introduced themselves one final time before playing their final song ‘Where Do We Go‘. Neck Deep puts on a very high energy set. Make sure to see these guys live.

Following that set was Lil Wayne. As the crowd was anxiously waiting for the set to start, a timer came up on the venue screens. The timers even had Lil Wayne‘s logo on it to let you know when his set was going to start. As soon as the clock hit zero, a loud gunshot sound came over the speakers. The crowd erupted in cheer as Wayne‘s DJ DJ T. Lewis came out to pump up the crowd. For 15 minutes Lewis played hit after hit to get the crowd ready. As soon as Lil Wayne hit the stage, the roof of the venue practically blew off. The artists set started off with his hit song ‘6 Foot 7 Foot‘.

As soon as the song was over, the crowd cheered as loud as they could before Wayne went into playing ‘Love Me‘. The entire crowd was dancing and throwing their arms up throughout the venue. Before the start of the third song, Wayne went into a speech thanking the crowd for their support. He was smiling from ear to ear as he continued speaking. After he was finished with his that he and his live band went into playing ‘Rich As Fuck‘. While the song continued Wayne danced across the stage going from end to end.

As the set came to a close, Wayne thanked the crowd for coming out to the show as he went into his final song ‘Uproar‘. Lil Wayne puts on quite a show. His stage presence is one that is hard to rival. Whenever he announces a show near you, make sure to be there.

Finally, the moment the crowd had been waiting for. Blink 182!!!!! As the stage was being set up, the crowd was becoming anxious from anticipation. When the lights went out, the audience jumped out of their seats! Before the band walked out on stage, a clip from the cult classic movie Pulp Fiction played over the speakers. The crowd began to shout along to the clip which made the environment of the show even more fun. As soon as the band hit the stage they immediately went into playing ‘Dumpweed‘. The crowd was going insane and screaming along with vocalist Matt Skiba. Following that song they quickly went into playing ‘Don’t Leave Me‘.

One of the many highlights came during their third song ‘Aliens Exist‘. The band tossed out large inflatable aliens that the crowd would pass along and throw. The crowd and band were having a great time and it showed. The smile on the face of Vocalist/bassist Mark Hoppus showed his joy of playing the songs. After the song was finished Hoppus then told the crowd that they would be playing their album “Enema Of The State” in full!! The crowd went berserk as the band went into playing the rest of the album.

Before they played their smash hit ‘Adam’s Song‘ Hoppus had told the crowd about how the song was very personal to him. He then requested that the crowd hold up their cell phones, lighters or whatever they could to help light the venue. As the crowd lit up the stage, the crowd was even more deafening as they sang along with the band. The seriousness of the song brought some fans to tears, but those tears turned to tears of joy soon after. The band immediately went into playing the song ‘All The Small Things‘.

When the band finished up playing the album in full, the lights went out for about a minute. After the minute was up, Hoppus and Skiba were both in the higher level of the venue performing for the fans in the back. The band played ‘Down‘ and ‘Wasting Time‘. The songs were performed acoustically which made them even more personal for the crowd. As the band members went back to the stage, drummer Travis Barker was being strapped into a chair for an epic drum solo. The drum solo consisted of Barker performing inside of a cage that spun around and turned him in every which direction. In true Blink 182 fashion the bottom of his kit had a massive middle finger up for the crowd. The crowd laughed at it and cheered him on until the end.

As the set continued the band played even more massive hits such as ‘Bored To Death‘, ‘I Miss You‘ and ‘First Date‘. While the crowd was cheering and singing along with the band, the guys let a chord ring out over the speakers. As soon as the ringing out was over the intro for their hit song ‘Dammit‘ was played and the crowd lost it! When the song was finished, blast cannons shot out confetti all over the crowd. The band thanked the crowd and wished them well until next time they come back.

Blink 182 puts on a very entertaining show. From their nonstop humor, stage set up and their skills as musicians, it is easy to see why they are the kings of pop punk. If you haven’t had a chance to see them live, make sure to do so. They are absolutely incredible live and I can guarantee you you will leave with a smile on your face.


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