Evergrey The Atlantic Tour Stops in Seattle + Interview

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Evergrey made their way back to the west coast with a stop in Seattle to entertain the fans with a night of musical bliss. The band has been off and running since the release of their 2019 release of ‘The Atlantic’.

On August 28th the band finally made it back to Seattle, just a couple years had passed since their last performance here in 2017. What was different for the fans this time around? The new music.

On January 25th the band released their newest album that has seen record charting positions for them. Not bad for a band who’s been making music for 26 years! 

This trip through Seattle Evergrey brought support bands Shattered Sun and Tulip along with them. The evening kicked off with two local support bands then headed into the tour support. By the time Evergrey hit the stage it was late, but the the crowd was there in full force ready to enjoy their show.

Having just missed seeing Evergrey at Wacken Open Air 30 due to a weather cancellation, I was thrilled they had a date coming through Seattle on this tour. I also had a chance to sit down and talk with Tom Englund and Johan Neimann before the show and we talked about the mishap at Wacken, plus they gave me some inside details on what Wacken organizers have had to say about the possibility of them returning in 2020 for a performance! Check out the interview below to hear what came out of that conversation.

Listen to the interview here:

The band hit the stage and rocked the house. I stood there listening to each song and thinking to myself that it doesn’t get much better than a live performance by a band like them. Every show I’ve seen them perform over the years is always filled full of energy and their sound is always top notch. This show was no different. Evergrey are exceptional performers and the utmost professionals who showed up prepared to give their fans a great live experience. What stood out to me this show, was how much they sounded like their album in a live performance. Everything from the instrumental music to Englund’s vocals were perfection.

The fans got more than they could have ever hoped for with a one of a kind performance and then the guys announced to the fans that they were sticking around after the show to meet everyone. This is exactly why Evergrey has had a long career and today are still going strong. What an incredible evening in Seattle! Thank you Evergrey for always putting your fans first.


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