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Wayward Sons The Truth Ain't What It Used To BeWAYWARD SONS
Album: The Truth Ain’t What It Used To Be
Label: Frontiers Music s.r.l.
Genre: Hard Rock
Release: October 11, 2019
Rating: 5 of 5

Wayward Sons ‘The Truth Ain’t What It Used To Be’ is one hell of a banger! Scheduled for release on October 11 via Frontiers Music srl, this album is going to be changing up many top albums of the year lists. It’s a true contender.

The follow up to their 2018 debut album ‘Ghosts of yet to Come’, they haven’t skipped a beat in continuing on with a hearty rock and melody filled album. From the first note on the opening track “Any Other Way”, it’s clear they are serious about writing music they love to perform. The edgy, intent, repetitive electric guitar picking that opens the first track breaks wide open to a glorious full band musical assault and vocals to match the intensity.

It doesn’t stop either as the album moves into “As Black As Sin”. Full intensity rolls straight through this track and only slows down with the third track “Joke’s On You”. Not that it’s even a full tempo slow down, just minor and a bit more melody with an infusion that feel’s a bit 70’s into early 80’s rock influence. That vibe carries through “Little White Lies” as well. Wayward Sons actually surprised me with the authenticity they have captured in that era of rock music. It’s completely solid and pulls those juicy little elements and nuances that many fail to capture when trying to capture that same feel in today’s sound.

I should warn you, do not get to settled in during tracks 3 and 4, when they get to the 5th “Feel Good Hit”, they pick the tempo back up, but not like the first two tracks. It’s almost like there’s three different feels in the first part of the album every couple of tracks, but not so different the songs don’t fit either. And by track 6 “Fade Away”, it’s like this luxurious Queen and Elton John inspired track, a slower ballad style that starts out with a piano and vocals then as the song progresses, the band enters in and the tempo picks up, but just slightly. It’s big and it’s going to be one of those guilty pleasure tracks fans always hope to find on an album. 

Moving on to tracks 7 and 8, “Have It Your Own Way” gets heavy, raw, edgy and is just an all out rock your ass out track will great harmonizing vocals that remind fans they need to rock out. Then with a flip of a switch they drop “Long Line Of Pretenders” on listeners that dips back into that 70’s/80’s feel that fans are going to stop and pay attention to what just happened. For me, I had to skip back to the previous track then jump back to this one to really hear the contrast and appreciate just how well they work back to back. This album makes you feel like you may just be able to predict what’s coming up next, then shows you an entirely different way to formulate an incredible tracklisting for an album. Which to me, the voice in my head is just screaming, BRAVO.  I haven’t been this pleased by an album’s song order in a long time, seriously the small things like this please me beyond belief.

As “(If Only) God Was Real” comes on, it’s clear fans are just about to get a more modern, hard rock track that’s just going to melt your face off with heavy riffage throughout the entire track matches with Jepson‘s intense high notes. The title track “The Truth Ain’t What It Used To Be” and “Punchline” follow and are both hip, cocky tracks that punch some attitude and reality into the last half of the album with lyrics you’re going to find yourself listening to and thinking, I can relate to that. Even more captivating are the high pitched guitar solos that take these songs up a notch.

And we arrive to the last track, number 12! “Us Against The World” slows it down, it’s a heavy ballad that prepares the listener that their breathless experience is winding down and gives pause to collect yourself.  But wait…. there’s a hidden track on this album! WHAT! I definitely call that lucky number 13! You’ll have to keep listening, just at 58 seconds past the last official track your going to get a blast music with “Totally Screwed” that’s a high tempo track and is gonna make you shake your ass one last time before it’s over with.

I can confidently say this album is going to chart in my top 5 albums of the year. I’ve had Gathering of Kings ‘First Mission’ in my top position since it was released earlier this year and nothing has come close, until now. This album is that good.

Final thoughts, buy this album. It’s an incredible rock album packed full of genuine music that will entertain. Insane follow up to ‘Ghosts of yet to Come’. Wow, I am just completely stunned how great this album is. This is what you get when writers write what they like. It looks like I am going to have to plan another overseas trip to catch Wayward Sons live again soon! I hope that North America finally sinks their teeth into this band so we can get them over here for a tour, having seen them live… I can tell you this band is meant for live performances! 

Any Other Way
As Black As Sin
Joke’s On You
Little White Lies
Feel Good Hit
Fade Away
Have It Your Own Way
Long Line Of Pretenders
(If Only) God Was Real
The Truth Ain’t What It Used To Be
Us Against The World
Totally Screwed (Hidden Track)

Toby Jepson – Vocals/Guitar
Nic Wastell – Bass
Phil Martini – Drums
Sam Wood – Guitar
Dave Kemp – Keyboards

Find Wayward Sons: https://www.facebook.com/waywardsonsbanduk

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