Antihope Release New Single “One Shot, One Kill”

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Metal has always been an evolving entity but there are a few critical points in its history that really embraced the mentality of “anything goes”. One of those turning points was the birth of Nu Metal around the new millennia. A genre that rose in popularity as quickly as it declined just a couple of years later, much due to an over saturation of bands and maybe just a little too much too fast.

But the bands and the sound made an unquestionable impact on a big chunk of the generation of metalheads growing up in the mid-90s and early 2000s. One of those metalheads was Tomas Jacobis, a musician with a lot of pedigree on his resume, mainly as a guitar player for Swedish hard rock quartet Corroded, now adding his latest brainchild and passion project to the fold – Antihope!

Antihope started out in 2018 as a solo project and an outlet for Tomas to create music with a special place in his heart that didn’t quite fit in with his other musicianship, collecting a lot of inspiration from the aforementioned scene.

After recording a couple of songs, he reached out to drummer Jonas Jönsson of Black Bay and asked him to lay down some drum tracks and after hearing the result Tomas decided to let Antihope not just be a recording project, this was music meant to be experienced live! Sami Mäki of Macabre Decay and Peter Kjellin of Plan Three joined in 2019 and Antihope – The Band are now planning the release of their debut album and shows are being booked!

With one foot steadily planted in the late 90s and around the Y2K shift and the other one leaning forward in the present, toes pointing steadily towards the future, Antihope offers a musical mix of unapologetic nostalgia and proud progressiveness. You will surely find reference points to a lot of great bands from the Nu Metal era, along with all the sub genres of punk, metal, rock and others that in turn influenced them back in the day.

Antihope UV

Antihope are:
Tomas Jacobis – Vocals
Jonas Jönsson – Drums
Sami Mäki – Guitar
Peter Kjellin – Bass

The debut single “Soul Fire” from Antihopeis available NOW on all platforms!


Upcoming single “Return (To The Holy Cow)” available soon!
Full length self titled album coming early 2020!

Connect with Antihope Online:

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