The Dark Element – Songs the Night Sings

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The Dark Element - Songs the Night SingsThe Dark Element – Songs the Night Sings. The Dark Element are back with their second album releasing via Frontiers Music srl on November 8th. What did they do on this second album and how does it hold up to their debut release? Let’s go….

I really wanted to say I loved this album, I held my breath as I listened to it and waited to really let my thoughts catch up. I referred back to the debut album to compare and I have to say, I think this album fell a bit flat in comparison to the first album. A number of the tracks on this album are too soft, almost as if The Dark Element lost momentum on this new album, at least with a number of tracks.

The first track felt a bit confused and didn’t really work. First of all, it’s 6:24 long, could easily have been two different songs that would have made sense and not felt confusing. It starts out soft and pop feeling then midway becomes symphonic metal with intent and does that push and pull through the track. I didn’t care for how the track started and progressed. I mean you have to wait a good amount of time before the song picks up, why do that? Just pop fluff out of the track to begin with.

Another thing with a number of tracks on this album, the final production buried Annette Olzon’s vocals in bridges quite a bit and quite often. With her vocals, why do this? She’s got incredible vocals, they should be the feature, not covered by keyboards. It’s a often a fine line in this genre a little too much or too little in the final mix can make or break the final result of the album. I especially noticed this on “Song The Night Sings” and it made me feel sad because of how much I loved the first album and Olzon’s vocals.

The momentum of the album picked up with “When It All Comes Down” and felt that same feel of the first album, intentional and powerful. It didn’t last through all the remaining tracks, but most of them.

There are some epic riffs sprinkled throughout the album, some great keyboard elements and a few other unexpected details that will sneak up on listeners who are really paying attention.

For me, the tracks I really struggled with were “Not Your Monster”, “Songs The Night Sings”, “Silence Between the Words”, “The Whatever End” and “I Have to Go”. It’s like they were meant for a different album than the rest of the tracks. So with 5 of 11 tracks feeling so off to me, it’s hard to say I love this album. I don’t love it. It’s got some great tracks for sure that I absolutely do love, that hold the feeling the first album had, as a natural musical progression. “When It All Comes Down” has to be one of my favorite tracks on this album. It’s a bit darker feeling, feels big and has everything I was hoping this entire album would have had consistently.

Final thoughts, all in all, it’s a much lighter album than their first one. It didn’t grab my attention like the their self titled album did. For me, I can’t say I’d go out of my way to pick this one up. Many fans will enjoy this one still, but if your looking for that authentic symphonic metal, you won’t find it on a number of the tracks on this album. It’s a decent follow up album but I hope when they get to their third release they have figured out their sound so it’s not so confusing to listeners as this one is.

Album: Songs the Night Sings
Label: Frontiers Music srl
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Release Date: November 8, 2019
Rating: 3 of 5

Songs the Night Sings Tracklist:
Not Your Monster
Songs The Night Sings
When It All Comes Down
Silence Between The Words
Pills On My Pillow
To Whatever End
The Pallbearer Walks Alone
Get Out Of My Head
If I Had A Heart
You Will Learn
I Have To Go

Anette Olzon – Vocals
Jani Liimatainen – Guitars, keyboards, programming
Jonas Kuhlberg – Bass
Rolf Pilve – Drums

Produced by Jani Liimatainen

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