Green Carnation – Leaves of Yesteryear | Album Review

Green Carnation - Photo by Petter Sandell
Green Carnation - Photo by Petter Sandell
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Green CarnationGreen Carnation
Album: Leaves of Yesteryear
Label: Season of Mist
Genre: Prog Metal
Release Date: May 8, 2020
Rating: 4/5

Green Carnation captured my attention from the first musical note through to the last with their upcoming release ‘Leaves of Yesteryear’. At first glance of time lengths on most of the tracks on the album I thought there was no way I was going to be able to stay interested, but was I wrong.

Where many artists have consistently failed to keep me interested with deep diving tracks that have left me wanting to chew my arm off to escape, Green Carnation continued to pull me in. It’s an album that is deep, cinematic and transcending. On one hand it will put the listener into almost a trance, while on the other hand make the outside world fade away.

The lyrics are deep, meaningful and strike a chord. With lyrics like “Love tasted, some wasted, forgiving, not forgotten” and “When loneliness feeds on the crumbs left behind, I hope you remember my name”, you can’t help but feel conflicted, melancholic and relate to them. The power of words are matched with the power of the music precisely.

There’s this familiar musical vibe of Evergrey, Ghost, Rainbow and Pink Floyd that weaves throughout the music. I should point out that though, the Ghost reference is aimed at mainstream metal fans today that are not familiar with the older works of Green Carnation, because in actuality it is their own vibe that you can hear in works like “The Everlasting Moment” off of the 2005 release ‘The Quiet Offspring.” Yet, if this is your first experience with Green Carnation, you would probably think of Evergrey (The Atlantic, 2019) or Ghost.

With only five tracks on this release, listeners might feel they will experience a short EP, when it reality its really the feel of an LP with a 44:36 running time. So there’s alot of music to enjoy on the album. Albeit some tracks are really long with run times over 8 minutes and up to just shy of 16 minutes, you will stay fully immersed in each track.

Final thoughts…. check this one out. I think many listeners will appreciate this one.



Kjetil Nordhus – vocals
Tchort – guitars
Bjørn Harstad – guitars
Stein Roger Sordal – bass
Kenneth Silden – keys
Jonathan Alejandro Perez – drums

Recording studio: dUbStudios
Producer / sound engineer: Endre Kirkesola
Mixing studio and engineer: dUbStudios / Endre Kirkesola
Mastering studio and engineer: Maor Appelbaum Mastering // Maor Appelbaum
Cover Art: Nikas Sundin // Cabin Fever Media


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