New Video: Revolverlution – Set the Night on Fire

Revolverlution - Set the Night on Fire
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Hot off the heels of their successful debut single, ‘Going Out With A Bang’ the Swedish hard rockers Revolverlution are back with their next single; ‘Set The Night On Fire’ that released on June 3rd and has over 10,000 Spotify streams in less than a week. Today the band has released a music video for the new single.

Watch ‘Set the Night on Fire’:

The new music video gives viewers a taste of what live shows will be like once gigs resume. These guys really know how to put on a show. Experiences they’ve had on stage with past bands have led to performances at festival gigs such as Wacken Open Air, Rocklahoma, Hard Rock Hell as well as tours throughout Sweden, UK, Europe, Russia and other gigs that led them to Canada and the USA.

With their years of combined experience, Poffe, Filip and Micke where hungry to write something together and out of that desire Revolverlution was born. It is personal, powerful and a revolt to any who dare try to tame their hunger to make music that they want to make. With the mix of glam, modern and hard rock bands they have played in over the years; Dirty Passion, Sinthia Doll, Damien, Royal Acid Orchestra and Bai Bang plus their personal musical influences, they were ready to do things their own way without holding back.

What started out as just a creative outlet, turned into a band without boundaries. Their first single came out of fun, curiosity, experimental exploration, and a bit frustration. They delivered their wild debut single in March 2020, ‘Going Out With A Bang’. It is authentic, rowdy and a creative release of their pent-up aggression.

The single was met with much surprise and welcome from hard rock music listeners worldwide. They have been described as returning to the old school Swedish rock sound of the late 90’s with comparisons to notable rockers The Hellacopters, Backyard Babies and Mustasch.

“Badass rock n’ roll track. Everything about it had that old school rock n’ roll feel. The solo had that big stadium vibe to it. It’s definitely a great track.” – A&P Reacts

With this new single the band are giving fans another dose of energetic hard rock with a throwback to the raunchy rock n’ roll days where the music was about fun and the lyrics were untamed. ‘Set The Night On Fire’ will give fans another hard rocking experience packed with skill, grit and raunchy, dirty rock. Rest assured that these musicians never take themselves too seriously and believe that music is supposed to be infused with fun, energy, and lots meaty riffs.

The band recorded both singles in drummer, Micke Rosengren’s studio. They were mixed and mastered by Anders “Theo” Theander at RoastingHouse Music in Malmö, Sweden.

While the first tracks are done, the band has been busy recording more songs for their album. They plan to release one more single over the summer then release their debut album in November 2020. As for 2021, the band’s plans include going on tour. Stay tuned for more information to come….

The band is doing a cd giveaway on their Facebook page that includes their first two singles. Head over to their page for details.



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