Trucker Diablo – Tail End Of A Hurricane | Album Review

Trucker Diablo
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UK rock outfit Trucker Diablo have a new release titled “Tail End Of A Hurricane” that is ready to fire up all the rock n’ rollers. From the opening note the music was swarming with tons of gritty riffs to entice listeners to pay close attention.

The album started out strong but fell short when it came to the vocals and cohesiveness of the music. The vocals were not as strong through the entire album as with the opening track “BTKOR” which was a bit disappointing because they were so strong in the first track. I feel more attention should have been given to the vocals to harness the full power and potential that would have made them sound complete. On the flip side, when it came to the rest of the tracks, there were some really strong tracks leaning almost metal, but then others felt like they faded off into melodic rock which diminished the overall sound and listening experience.

There are thirteen tracks on this new release. I think the band could have safely dropped two or three tracks from this release and removed the confusion felt in the album listening experience, leaving a few tracks for later use. What was hard to understand was the choice to use the tracks where the shift in style and strength were so different they would have been better suited for a completely different album. Possibly an EP or another full length album with more of the lighter melodic sound would have made more sense in this case.

I thinks listeners might find this album a little tough to digest the way it’s laid out. The length of this album left a feeling of confusion to the sound. More is not always better for the listening experience, sometimes less works better for a new release, especially when it starts to water down the strength of the music. In this case, less would have been more. Even with the strong tracks that are on this album, it was to much of a contrast to sink into the album and fully enjoy it as is.

Trucker Diablo
Album: Tail End Of A Hurricane
Label: Self Release
Genre: Rock
Release: 7 May 2021
Rating: 3/5

Best Tracks: BTKOR, Tail End Of A Hurricane

Trucker Diablo

01. BTKOR (Big Truck Keeps On Rolling)
02. I Am Still Alive
03. Rock Kids Of The 80s
04. Don’t Hold Onto Hate
05. Set The Night On Fire
06. Tail End Of A Hurricane
07. Insects
08. The Edge Of Tonight
09. The Trade
10. The Burning Heart
11. Woodstock To Vietnam
12. Slow Dance
13. Bury The Ocean

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