Diane Webb – Owner, Editor, Photographer and Writer.  Covers locations anywhere in the world. Follow this link to Diane’s personal photography page.


Patrick Burt – Photographer & writer covering Seattle. Follow this link to Patrick’s personal photography page.

Patrick Burt


Jeremy Hinskton – Photographer and writer covering the D.C. region.  Follow this link to Jeremy’s personal photography page.


Kristina Wright – Photographer and writer covering Pensacola & Destin, FL and Mobile, AL.

Trevor Foyston – Freelance Photographer & writer covering Seattle.


Scott Langevin – Freelance photographer and writer covering CT. Follow this link to Scott’s personal photography page.


Bradley Todd –  Freelance photographer and writer covering Chicago.  Follow this link to Bradly Todd’s personal photography page.


Mike Lewis – Freelance photographer covering Portland, Oregon.

Ruben Mosqueda – Live show and album reviews, Interviews. Located in Portland, Oregon.

Kirby Green – Photographer and writer covering the Cincinnati/Columbus, Ohio region. Follow this link to Kirby’s personal photography page.

Kimberly Ann – Photographer and writer covering the PA/NJ region. Follow this link to Kim’s personal photography page.

Alexandra Lorree – – Photographer and writer covering the Boulder/Denver, CO region.

Leslie Rogers:Photographer and writer covering the Atlanta Metro/Macon region.

Phillip Rogers: Writer covering the Atlanta Metro/Macon region.

Terrell Stewart:Photographer and writer covering the Colorado Springs/Denver, CO region.

Marvin Atwell: Photographer and writer covering the Maryland region.

Tracy Fuller: Photographer and writer covering the Austin region.

***Press requests for show reviews, photo approvals and interviews are sent directly from the managing editor, Diane Webb.  If you are verifying a request and are not sure it is a valid request, please contact us via the Contact Us page***