Sweden Rock Festival Interview with Ulf Wadenbrandt

June 18, 2017 Diane Webb

This year at Sweden Rock Festival there was an experimental performance called the Sweden Rock Symphony Orchestra which was put on in a partnership between musical conductor Ulf Wadenbrandt and Sweden Rock Festival.  Many well known […]


Interview With Suffocation

June 16, 2017 Patrick Burt

Earlier this week I got to sit down and talk with Terrance, Kevin and Eric of Suffocation.  The band is currently on tour with Morbid Angel, Revocation and Withered.  With over half of the tour done, it was […]


Interview with Happy Hour

June 15, 2017 yesterdazenews

From time to time, we in the music publication industry, cross share stories about bands that are up and coming that we want the masses to get to know.  This is one of those times, […]